Ltn. Robert George Hamilton,
pilot - Hero of Polish Scouts


In 1993 we were having "Hero" campaign. [It was Mirek Grodzki's task for a grade].

In effect our Group was given a name of Ltn. Robert George Hamilton. He was South-African aviator, whose plane (the same as in the picture below) had crashed on 15th August 1944 in forest in Józefów. It was delivering supplies for Warsaw's Uprising.

Liberator B-24 w locie bojowym. Klinkij, żeby zobaczyć go w pełnej krasie.
Liberator B-24 during II WAR
Picture from

The action "help for Warsaw's Uprising" was the most difficult and the most dangerous air operation that air force had ever attended. More.

Liberator B-24 (from 31st South African Air Force Squadron) was one of the machines which take part in help deliver for Warsaw. More.

"Attacked by fire from 6 anti-aircraft cannons at 1200 Ft. over Prague, 2 miles on the east from Warsaw". Note from log-book.

First, Hamilton's body and two other charred bodies of pilots shot down during flight over Warsaw, had been buried at "Airman's Hill" (local informal name) in place where we have a monument today. Then they were moved to Cracow (Rakowicki's cemetery):

Gate of the Rakowicki's cemetery Monument of Ltn. Hamilton


50 years later

Maj. Jack van Eyssen - Liberator's commander - came to Poland for 50. crash anniversary on "Airman's Hill".
Our Group decided to present him photo album and our badge (modeled on his plane's emblem) as a gift.


Mjr Jack van Eyssen with badge and pictures of Polish scout Monument in MICHALIN Polish scout group by a monument.

6 months later, on 25th February 1995 our Scoutmaster made Jack van Eyssen a honorary member of our District and his title was:

Honorary Scout
of Ltn. Robert George Hamilton Group
of Scouting and Cub Scouting Troops In Józefów

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Mjr, Jack van Eyssen, Honorary Colonel of Warsaw Airlift Commemoration Group in South Africa died 5 November 1999. 
We are trying hard to find other SAAF pilots, which were involved in dropping supplies to the Polish Resistance.
We plan to meet them in "Airman's Hill" in MICHALIN or South Africa maybe.
If you would like to help us: contact with

Beside of above - we are looking for contact with Scouts from South Africa.

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Our scout group's badge is modeled on emblem of 31st SAAF squadron.

Badge of 31st SAAF squadron from II WW [Stephan Botha] Badge of 31st SAAF squadron from 70. [Stephan Botha] Badge of scout group from 1994.


Few pictures from 2003: